Dienstag, 21. April 2009

Why I had to cut my hair...

I went to a Syrian hairdresser to have my hair cut before leaving Syria - I thought it was a good idea to do it in Syria because in Turkey it would be more expensive.
Talking to the hairdresser he explained that he speaks French, so I told him in French how I want my hair to be cut, what I DON'T want (a fringe!!!) and I showed him a picture in one of his hairstyle-books of the cut I want - so what is there to be misunderstood??

When I came out of his shop I felt like the mixture of a Russian prostitute, an astronaut with a helmet on his head and a 45 year old Syrian with a neat haircut:

That's why I asked Isa to cut my hair really short - because the fringe was the shortest part and I absolutely didn't want a fringe - and I think she did a good job (without having learnt how to cut hair)

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