Sonntag, 22. Februar 2009

I'm still still still in Cairo, still waiting for my passport. But until yesterday it was ok, just now things starte to change because first Rachid left and yesterday Zoltan, a guy from Berlin, with whom I spent a lot of time - now I feel like I should really leave as well.
But as you can see on the pictures I uploaded there are still things to do and to discover here - we visited some mosques, the citadell here in Cairo and one day I went with Zoltan out of Cairo into a semi-oasis called Fayum (about 80 km from Cairo). We had a nice day there, visited an old temple and just got out of the city for one day.
Not much more to tell this time, I just wanted to give a sign that I'm still alive.
Everybody in Koeln: Please drink and dance for me these Karneval-days!!

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