Dienstag, 24. März 2009

After a pretty long silence now some news from me... Internetcafes were quite hard to find in Beirut, they charged extra for using Skype, and the only computer at the hostel was incredibly slow - so I decided not to post anything while being in Lebanon.
Sadly I had to leave Lebanon finally yesterday after spending 15 wonderful days there, meeting lots of Lebanese people and other travellers, hanging around in bars and cafes, going to crazy parties, looking at the incredibly good-looking Lebanese guys (yes, only looking!!), doing some interesting sightseeing tours...
It all started with a 24h visit of Nico from Paris, who came thanks to a friend who is working for AirFrance to Beirut - so we had to party hard during this short time. That evening I met the Lebanese boyfriend of a friend of Nico, and thanks to him a lot of others as well. They organised two different parties in these 15 days, which were both very crazy, funny, and I enjoyed being there. After two months without (almost) not going out, never being drunk and never having the chance to dance somewhere this was so reliving! Specially because these people I met were pretty much the same like for example in Cologne, listening to the same music, laughing about the same things, dressing the same way - it was very relaxing to just behave as I would do on a party in Cologne as well. Everybody who reads this and who has never been to beirut won't belive me probably, but go there, see that there is an alternative culture, people having art-projects, djs, people who travelled a lot or studied abroad and speak at least three languages... I was very astonished. Nico and Rachid, who have been there before, told me about what to expect there - but I thought it would just be like one of these very chic and expensive cities where you spend a lot of money but people care only about latest fashion, coolest restaurant or bar to be at - things like that. And yes, you find these things, but as well people like Rana, Faysal, Haitham, Mo... who are interested in more than that.
So all in all I enjoyed my time there very much thanks to these people, but also to other travellers and some archeologists who showed me several excavations and with whom I also went to wine tastings, parties, bars, concerts ...

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