Sonntag, 15. März 2009

What a weekend - you really can't imagine how crazy this place is - at least I couldn't before I came here. I met - thanks to Nico - some Lebanese people who organized a house-party on Friday which was just amazing. This party could have been everywhere else, Paris, Berlin, Madrid, - it was like a party in Germany, which was soooo good after two months without a single opportunity to dance (not because I didn't go out, but rather because the music was either only Arabic music or some very strange or very old western shit). So I had a very nice time there - and went afterwards at around 4:30 am into the club in the basement of the hostel where I stay at times. Everybody who stays at the hostel gets free entrance and all drinks free there because the music is so enormously loud that you can't sleep upstairs in the hostel anyway - and the manager is interested in good relations with the people staying at the hostel. This club is pretty much like any club in Cologne that plays Minimal - so again I was surprised - AND - it turned out to be mainly visited by gays. So I could dance and do whatever I liked even without being harassed, wonderful!
Yesterday I went there again with a German I met on the party on Friday and a Lebanese and again I stayed until late. Next Friday the same people will - as rumors say - have another house- party, so I think I stay another couple of days, finally also starting some sight-seeing here which I didn't do that much so far. Tomorrow Tripoli if I can get up...
I can't use Skype here - only in emergency-cases because they charge you like crazy here for using it. So don't expect me to call you until I reached Damascus.

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